Dev update – 2nd Sep 2020

Orbit Products

Here is the 2nd development update on Sep 2020.

During this sprint, we have finished a prediction algorithm for a big crash. The algorithm is a good achievement in our milestone because we can protect assets under management before a big financial crisis. To get details, please check the following.


Market Sensing Algorithm

  • Several tests taught us that predicting a big crisis is more comfortable than a bubble. A significant financial crisis leaves a footprint in various ways before it happens. So the algorithm is designed to track related data to monitor abnormal events
  • The hardest technical issues which make us miserable are placed in two areas, 1) defining abnormal event, 2) control sensitivity. Those two issues are closely correlated; it is like the chicken and egg problem.
  • We applied a statistical approach(distribution) to define anomaly, and the algorithm has self-tuning function to control sensitivity.
  • When we test the algorithm with actual data, it successfully detects well known financial crisis such as 2020 covid and 2008 one.
  • The algorithm covers Korea stock market as of now; we will expand its coverage to US, China as well as crypto market.
  • We are going to use this algorithm for risk management.



  • We have implemented a chart showing a risk signal with index data. Now it is easy to check market risk by just clicking a menu on the dashboard. Later we will add a notification function through slack or telegram.
  • We have developed a chart library using D3 for fast execution and flexibility. We used a well-known chart library, but sooner or later, we realized that our needed functions are not supported, and it is tough to implement on top of the library.
  • The below screenshot shows the risk detection chart on the dashboard.
    • The red dot means critical, and the blue one is the warning signal.

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