Introduce Orbit: MoA’s flagship Investment Model

orbit is moa's machine learning based investment model

Earlier this year we announced to the community that we had decided to refocus our efforts to become the best service provider in the De-Fi industry.

Since then, we have been working around the clock to do just that.

Today, we have exciting new announcements to share with our community.

Testing begins on Orbit Product: Our first flagship decentralized financial products

What is Orbit and what are Orbit products?

MoA’s Orbit Products are the first flagship decentralized financial products MoA has introduced to the world. They are managed by Orbit, our machine learning based investment model that is built to automatically execute investment decisions. Orbit offers the following three major features that distinguish it from other financial products.

Machine learning based

Machine learning technology tests multiple potential market scenarios for each asset to find the best investment strategy.

  • Orbit automatically tests an array of models against a given market. It repeats the test with varying conditions to cover all the potential scenarios.
  • Orbit evaluates and verifies the results multiple times to minimize overfitting.
  • Only those strategies that show consistently high performance are selected to be included in our flagship De-Fi products.

24 hour, 365 day risk management

Orbit has a built-in risk management mechanism that operates without human intervention to manage risk around the clock. This is a key feature as a sudden price change in a few minutes can potentially cause a loss of a significant portion of your assets.

  • Orbit runs 24/7 with no pause. It is designed to protect your profits from sudden price changes.
  • Constant monitoring of the market opens up timely investment opportunities.
  • Quick and automatic reaction to volatile price movement without any effort from your part via trailing stops which controls losses.

Transparency backed by a blockchain

The performance is transparently recorded on a blockchain.

  • Performance information is readily accessible on the MoA website and the downloadable MoA wallet app.
  • Investors are welcome to audit the model’s performance recorded on blockchain platforms
  • The performance records are immutably recorded on both Ethereum and Edenchain platforms.

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What’s the plan? First, optimize and fine-tune Orbit models.

Tuning and optimization are essential steps for the maturation of a given model, as inevitable discrepancies are found between testing data with actual investment and backtesting results collected during development. Conventionally, a new financial product normally takes about six month to one year to fine-tune and optimize the models. Orbit will follow a similar course of validation.

We will also focus on the transparent display of product performance. Data collected during the period will validate the performance of the model.  This performance information will be accessible both on our website and downloadable via the MoA Asset Manager 2.0 app, which will be launched in late 2020.

The transparent display of information distinguishes our products from other financial services offered by competitors. As mentioned above, the records will be saved to both Ethereum and Edenchain platforms. We believe that the transparent operation will earn the trust of potential investors.

During the optimization phase, we will be managing three products: Orbit-BTC, Orbit-Kospi, Orbit-Kosdaq KOSDAQ You can visit to view the product details. The performance page will be updated as we collect data.


Please visit our Roadmap page to learn more about the Orbit schedule and when you can join the investment.  

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