In layman’s terms: An easy guide to good investment

 🌰 In a nutshell: Fundamental investment approaches from the traditional financial industry are applicable to achieve success in crypto investments. 

How to best invest in assets, including digital assets?

Want to apply tried and tested financial tips but find them too wordy? We hear you. Let us share an easy guide minus the hard financial jargon.


Investment in layman’s terms = 

Good investment tips from traditional finance – hard words + fun pictures


We love digital assets for their differences!

They are transparent, run by decentralized governance, and have amazing potential. They also differ from the traditional assets we’ve known that they do not trade on fundamentals. What does that mean? While crypto assets have amazing potential, they often do not have intrinsic values. This can lead to greater price fluctuation and make it harder to gauge a trend. But the good news is here.

This can lead to greater price fluctuation with less standard to gauge the trend.

But the good news is here

Dealing with market unpredictability and value volatility is something that the traditional financial industry has been dealing with for many many years. As such, they have tried-and-tested principles for building successful investment strategies. Despite all the differences, cryptocurrencies, after all, are a type of asset people invest in for returns. As such, applying those proven principles from traditional finance sectors can really improve your blockchain investment game.

In this series of “In layman’s terms”, we share the essence with no financial mumble-jumble jargon. The following is the list of topics we will cover.

Index for investment in layman’s terms

  1. Discipline and planning are key
    • Compounding #time_is_money 
    • Wanna meet your goal? Manage your risk.
    • Diversify to reduce the risk. 
    • What are the hidden costs? Hint: frequent trading is not a good move
  2. Asset Allocation: Know your investment persona
    • Persona 1: Momentum trader
    • Persona 2: Profit trader
      *Key concept: what is volatility and how to make it work for you?
  3. Type of investment managements
    •  Passive vs. active investing
  4. Looking after your investment
    • Review and rebalance

Let’s pick the brains from cryptocurrencies’ “older brother”, the legacy financial market and level up our crypto-investment class.

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