Roadmap for Orbit Products

The following roadmap lays out the schedule for Orbit Products from its optimization, launch and leading to its expansion.

Orbit products

Q3 2020

Start testing Orbit models.

We developed a number of candidate models for Orbit, with the goal of achieving high profit and stability in the highly volatile crypto market. After having thoroughly tested candidate Orbit models, a few of them passed the rigorous qualification test. In Q3 2020 we will start testing these Orbit models with actual investments. The planned testing period is 6-12 months, depending on performance.

Orbit Products

Q4 2020 , Q1 2021

Optimizing and tuning Orbit models

Optimization and fine-tuning are essential steps for the maturation of a given model, as inevitable discrepancies are found between testing data with actual investment and backtesting results collected during development. As such, we plan to perform thorough tuning and optimization for Orbit products. We schedule to spend Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 to scrutinize Orbit products. Based on the performance results, we will select the final list of Orbit models that will be used to manage our flagship De-Fi products, Orbit products.

Q2 2021

Market release of Orbit products

We will make our final selection on the best Orbit models. These models will comprise the Orbit products that will be released to the market. Users will be able to review the performance of each Orbit product by simply accessing the live testing data collected and stored in blockchains since Q3 2020. Included in the data will be ROI, MDD (Max Drawdown), Sharpe Ratio, and so on for the given product. Released Orbit products will be available to the public to invest. Conditions for investing in Orbit products will be announced before their public launch.

Q3 2021

Orbit products expansion to include more asset classes, e.g., stocks and currencies.

The technology behind Orbit is not limited to handling crypto assets; it is scalable to any class of asset as long as the assets have OHCLV price data. We plan to fully utilize its technological scalability by expanding beyond the crypto market. On that note, we plan an update in Q3 2021 to have Orbit accommodate an expanded list of asset classes. At the top of the list is the stock market, such as NYSE, NASDAQ, KOSPI and KOSDAQ. Users who wish to expand their investment horizon will have diverse options to consider.


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